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About Cynthia

About Cynthia Stroud

Cynthia first arrived in the UK in 2004, aged barely 22, to study for her MBA at the University of Buckingham.  It was the start of an ongoing love affair with the country. Many years later, Cynthia established her gorgeous cake shop in the centre of picturesque Hertford, 45 minutes away from central London and where she developed lots of flavour combinations and a range of Pretty Gorgeous Jams

Cynthia was recognised a medallist of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s 2017 New Year Honours List and is a Food Judge for Food Network Canada, Channel 4 and BBC2.

She is passionate about giving young people a helping hand or a second chance and supports reformation programs and regularly mentors at high schools and universities.

Cynthia also works alongside renowned brands in confidential, corporate product development incorporating exciting flavour combinations. She has won a long list of awards and there is none more surprised and grateful than her.

Cynthia recently formed her charity Jedidiah an award winning national food support charity.

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A message from Cynthia:

“It’s incredible to think how far a simple passion for creating delicious cakes has taken me. As a self taught decorator and a romantic at heart, I find it comes easy to me to put myself in a client’s shoes and try to imagine their dream cake based on what abstract details they have told me. I love hearing the bigger plans and getting a feel for what drives and excites them. I think in pictures so I’m always sketching and doodling.

My intrinsic love of food means that the taste is just as important as the look, you can’t have one without the other. I am grateful to God for the thousands of brides and clients who have entrusted their special cake to me.

I am grateful for the recognition I have received in the awards and most spectacularly, the Queens New Year’s Honours List. It means a lot to me. No one is infallible but you can rest assured that if I take on your cake or your project, I will do my best.”